The Next Stage of TV Viewing

The End of "Why does it have to be so loud?"

As folks travel life, many of us find our hearing does work quite as well as it used to.  This can be a very common occurrence, so much so, there is probably not a family that doesn't have someone effected. 

The issue then becomes how everyone else is effected as the TV is turned up louder and louder to be heard.  The overall result is not only more volume, but always more distortion.  This means the annoyance is only worse.  Perigee Audio® solves this!!!

Because of close proximity, the audio does not have to travel across the room to reach you.  Due to the amazing design of the Trinity Engine®, the clarity is crisp and precise resulting in lower volume overall, enhanced enjoyment of programs, and a personal sound stage sphere.

If you have more than one chair, each one cannot tell what the volume level is in the other.  Of course, if one of the chairs is humping, that can be heard in the other, but under normal use, each sphere has its own levels.  The absolute end of "why does it have to be so loud".