Close Proximity® Questions:


Curious about what “Close Proximity®” is?  Just by the definition of the words, “something that is close to your personal space”.  With, that something is a sound stage.  This new technology will dramatically change the way you enjoy TV or any recordings. 

Ever wondered why sound has not changed as dramatically as video?  Isn’t it incredible how far video has come in recent years?  Now there is a technology breakthrough in speaker design that brings Hi Def sound to your living room.

Ever had headphones and ended up not using them Headphones have been the answer for enjoying TV and audio without running others from the room, but they have their shortcomings; too much isolation and sustained use becomes uncomfortable. 

Close Proximity® brings all the sonic advantages found in headphones without the downside.  Actually, the experience is so pleasing you find it hard to stop.

Seen Audio Chairs before and wondered why they disappeared Audio chairs have been tried before, but always have involved complex electronics to make conventional designs work in a close environment. This approach ended with an amazingly complex remote, anathema to most folks. 

Want to know what we did?  We at decided to focus on the speaker design itself.  We felt that if we could make the speaker sound excellent on its own, it wouldn’t matter that much what the electronics were, just a simple amplifier would do.  The design we ended up with is so different we have patent pending status on our filings with the USPTO.

We believe that our “Trinity Engine” does for audio what HDTV did for video; true high definition sound.  The clarity and presence of the sound is so good, volume levels can be very low without missing a syllable.  The sound stage is so localized; other people in the room can carry on a conversation without any interference from the chair.  If two or more chairs are in the same room, it is not possible to tell what the volume level is in the others, unless the listener really cranks up the sound.  It is truly the end of “why does it have to be so loud?”.

It has been said that a product is successful only if it improves the life of the customer.  If that is a measure, then the “Trinity Engine” lives up to the standard!