The Chair, heart of "Perigee Audio"

The chair on the right, we used at CapitalAudioFest this last fall, and received the

Best of Show Edison Award from Home Theater Shack.  

It was a great success and the feedback from the attendees was stellar.


The chair on the right is a prototype, and not available for sale.  However, the one on the left is available and listed in the product page.  We are currently working on ways to bring the close proximity benefits to the market without having to buy the chair, such as a kit that can attach to your existing chair.  A truly unique product that will enhance and elevate your enjoyment of video and music, it will be widely accepted and appreciated as it becomes used.


One of the final pieces is working out the electronics so that it is wireless and easy to operate.  The technology is readily available but needs to be adapted and designed to our specifications to ensure customer satisfaction.  We believe 2016 will see the product on the market in time for the holiday season.


We will post progress, so come back and check on us…